About the Maker

Hello, my name is Valeria and I am the founder of this lovely brand! I am non-binary, queer, neurodivergent and a person of color. I am a New Jerseyan strong and true and been here all my life and totally know how to pump my own gas! My family is from Ecuador and moved here when they were quite young. I graduated college with an associates degree in photography and I love fashion and styling.

I moved to a home in Hamburg in 2019 with my partner, Ibrahim and adopted a chocolate lab named Izzie and started our journey living together. I also started my journey to trying to live a better life during the pandemic in 2020. I care very deeply for the world we live on and how I can make a better impact in this planet and the people around me. 

My low waste life is so important to me because we live here and trying to keep our planet clean is just so vital to me because of all the chaos and pollution and just horrible things that happen to it daily, I don’t want to add to it. I say low waste because I’m far from perfect and we all have our flaws and weaknesses but it’s the effort that truly makes a difference.

I do what I can to recycle properly, reuse, compost food, thrift, and refill what I can at local refilleries. Bringing my efforts to my business is very important to me as well. With choosing where I get my bottles with the least amount of waste and recycling any waste, having water soluble stickers, having compostable boxes, post consumer waste packaging and the list goes on! I also try my best to give alternative uses for my fragrance oils like hair oils and massage oils. 

Encouraging bottles to be returned is another big thing I tell people. I can sanitize and reuse the bottles to help keep our bottles from the landfill and gives you a discount on another one or refill of the same! We can make the effort together. 

One last thing I encourage is kindness. Kindness is so important to me. We are all on this very unkind and rough world that we need to just stand up for people, help people and be kind to people. Our lives are so short that everything flies by in  a flash and to live a life so short and unkind is just so sad. We are family and we should live like one. Choose kindness. Be kind to yourself, people and our planet ✨