What is Hyperosmia?

I am not a doctor. Please contact your Primary Care Physician for diagnosis and information.

Hyperosmia is basically a fancy word for hypersensitivity to smells. While it is rare to diagnose, people have it and a lot of people share the symptom of being sensitive to smells or just not enjoying an overwhelming amount of smells. Sensitivity to smells lead to headaches and no one enjoys that. That’s where we come in.

Here at Gentle Esscents, my goal has been to find various combinations of essential oils and none of those harmful chemicals like alcohol or synthetic fragrance oils, that are gentle on the nose. Why? Because people who are sensitive to smells or people with hyperosmia deserve to smell good too! We all want to smell good without getting a headache or feeling like we can’t breathe in the perfume section. I’ve dedicated myself to taking the headache from you and onto myself to find the best combinations to enjoy with ease. Everyone’s sensitivities are different but having someone like you behind the scenes is the best first step in the right direction.